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What careers are out there that allow you to travel?

I absolutely love traveling and would love to incorporate into my career in some way. I am a biology major, but open to other fields/topics. #biology #travel #traveling #leisure-and-travel

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5 answers

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Gloria’s Answer

I think that the most obvious jobs for travel are tour guides and translators. Those are the ones that jump to the top of the list.

I am in Learning and Development and there are a lot of jobs within this field where travel is a part of the job. I am an Instructional Designer, so I do not travel as much as my fellow instructors. In my role, I would travel around the world to do audience and job analysis as a precursor to creating training. I have traveled to many different countries, working for various industries. It is also a great job for working from home and that makes it great to work from anywhere.

I also like working for companies that are large and with international impacts, because the world becomes your travel landscape. When I worked with an online travel company, I went to 10 new countries that I had not visited before including Australia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Egypt, Germany, England, and the Netherlands. If you speak a second language, any language, you increase your chances of being tagged for travel over those who only speak English.

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Luke’s Answer

Traveling is a blast - there are many, many careers that allow you to travel. A few that I've been exposed to:

  • Consulting service: these roles allow you to work with many different types of clients and typically travel to their location during the length of the project. The most common type of consulting is business/management/finance/IT, but every profession has consulting firms that specialize in that subject matter. I spent 2 years in business consulting and traveled to 8 different states and 3 different countries during my time there.

  • Environmental / botany/ husbandry research: A friend of mine is specializing in ecology research and spends 6 month rotations going on site to study particular species or specific problems (think Whale migrations, glacier melts, etc). Not the most fancy way to travel, but will definitely get you out and about.

  • Environmental services / parks and recreation: Another friend of mine works for the federal park services, and spends 3-8 month rotations in different states (Maine, Washington, Utah, Montana) servicing our great parks. Requires a love for the outdoors as they do a lot of camping :)

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much for the help! I will consider these options Bianca S.

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Andria’s Answer

Great question, I travel a lot for my job. I work in the travel insurance industry and i have traveled all over the US and many other countries. the travel industry had so many wonderful jobs that allow you to experience traveling to many different locations. You can be a travel agent, work with a cruiseline or tour operator, insurance company, airline. So many places to go. if you are motivated by travel this is a great career choice.

have fun.

Thank you for your help! Bianca S.

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Michelle’s Answer

There are numerous fields in the business industry which require domestic and international travel. Careers in Sales, Account Management, Insurance, Risk Management and Finance to name a few. My experience is in the Travel Insurance Industry as an Account Manager and I've traveled all over the world helping clients ensure they're business travelers are safe when traveling abroad on behalf of a company.

Awesome, thank you for the help! Bianca S.

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Greg’s Answer

Obvious answer is the travel industry, but as a Biology major you could consider something like the World Heath Organization or other organizations with a global footprint. Information on WHO can be found here: http://www.who.int/en/

Awesome, I will check it out! Thank you! Bianca S.