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How can I be a mma fighter?

I love to fight as a sport

Thank you comment icon HI CamRon! It is great that you have an interest in sport. Just before you start with MMA as a discipline I would ask you a few questions which might be helpful for you. Ask yourself: > Why do you want to be the MMA fighter? > What is your motivation to do that? > Would you like to do it recreationally or professionally? > How much time (let say, within a week) you want to practice it? > Do you have a place within your closest area to go and check how MMA classes look like? > Do you have any friend who share same interest? Maybe you can ask how it is and what it takes be MMA fighter? > You are based in NY City so it would be great if you just go to the nearest Fight Club and observe how a facility is structured (whether you like it or not) , how classes looks like, how much it is to attend classes, how frequent you have to attend, what is the path of progression to become a professional fighter. > Speak to any trainer on the particular fight club and ask what it takes to become a PRO. Piotr Mikolajewski
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1 answer

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Sheena’s Answer

Hi CamRon, my main suggestion would be, as with any sport, to train for the sport. All sports come with their own benefits and risks, so this is something you can discuss with your trainer and doctor along the way. I also notice that there is a 'money' tag for this post - if this is looking at high pay, this tends to come much further down the road, depending on what companies might offer if they choose to sponsor the athlete.

Sheena recommends the following next steps:

NOTE: Always get a health professional's advice and clearance with regards to starting/participating in training programmes such as MMA
Check out gym options and the trainings they have
Train consistently
Talk with your trainer about your goals and train for them
Check with your trainer for amateur competitions