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which colleges have a good sports medicine program?

which colleges have a good sports medicine program?

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3 answers

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Paul’s Answer

I accumulated a pretty extensive list of some of the best Sports Medicine programs in the United States. Here they are:

* University of Virginia
* University of Michigan
* The Ohio State University
* Boston University
* University of Pittsburgh
* Logan University
*University of Georgia
* University of South Florida
* University of Miami
* Michigan State
* University of Florida
* North Carolina
* Stanford
* McNeese State
* Temple
* Penn State
* Rice University
* Rutgers
* San Diego State
* Appalachian State
* Texas A & M
* Purdue University
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Jordin’s Answer

I'm not an expert on the field, but I've heard really good things about the programs at Ohio State University and (I say this begrudgingly, as an Ohioan) the University of Michigan. Best of luck!
Thank you comment icon Thank you for the advice. Tahjey
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Samuel’s Answer

Hello Tahjey, if you plan on staying in the New York area, some colleges with exercise science programs to look into are:
- Brooklyn College
- Queens College, CUNY
- Lehman College, CUNY
- Kingsborough Community College.

Samuel recommends the following next steps:

Get in contact with a college sports coach (could be community college or 4-year University) and ask them where they went to school, and if they would recommend the same institution for future students.