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How to study abroad after graduating

Asked Fort Worth, Texas

Is there a way for some one who has already graduated to study abroad? What about internships (domestic or abroad ) can some who already graduated find these? I was I a school where high schoolers graduated with a associates of art before graduating high school. I'm looking to go abroad next year but don't know if I can because I'm not continuing college. #art #school #internship #summer-internship #abroad #korea

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Marilyn’s Answer

Updated Humble, Texas

I can't speak for certain, but I see no reason why you cannot study abroad. Contact your school counselor or community college counselor and ask them about internships or courses you could take. If you have a country preference, you could also contact the local embassy to see if they have any information. We also occasionally have scholarship information on our E-Scholarships site for such experiences. Check out www.yourscholarships.com. Best of Luck, Marilyn Lowry