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How to become a make up artist over seas(korea)

What are the best schools to go to in Korea in that field or fields related to it? What are places I could look for jobs? #art #makeup #study #abroad #korea #career-details

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Michelle’s Answer

Hello! As a makeup fanatic, I too have explored K-beauty and tried to understand the gist of how K-beauty comes about. I recently watched a YouTube video of a girl who was not Korean who took a course with the TOP Korean makeup artist. The makeup artist's name is Jung Saem Mool, perhaps you have heard of her. She opened an academy and does offer a makeup course for international students. Here is the link in English


I will also put the video link of the girl who went and took the course.

Hope this helps, I do not think it can get any better than this. Jung Saem Mool has worked with several Korean artists and is considered the best of the best. I hope this works out or at least points you into the right direction! If you decide to go let me know how it goes because I have been wanting to go myself just for fun! Good luck!