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Manuel H. Dec 03, 2020 331 views

How many people actually go to college and finish getting their degree?

I'm currently a senior in high school and i'm still trying to decide if college is worth the work needed to get in let alone getting your degree. #high-school

Jasmine S.’s Avatar
Jasmine S. Dec 02, 2020 468 views

I am an English and Literature major ser to graduate with my Bachelors in English. I've tried LinkedIn and everything I can think of to gain experience to become a writer/editor. Any other suggestions?

Typing #literature #english #english-grammar #english-composition

Theresa T.’s Avatar
Theresa T. May 17, 2017 5959 views

How to become a make up artist over seas(korea)

What are the best schools to go to in Korea in that field or fields related to it? What are places I could look for jobs? #art #makeup #study #abroad #korea #career-details