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I am an English and Literature major ser to graduate with my Bachelors in English. I've tried LinkedIn and everything I can think of to gain experience to become a writer/editor. Any other suggestions?

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6 answers

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Desiree’s Answer

The novelists I know - including those with agents and publishers - do a lot of different things in addition to writing novels. Here are some of their jobs (full time, part time, and/ or as a contractor) over the course of their careers: copywriter, speechwriter, scriptwriter, content developer for websites/social media, UX writer, and grant writer for non-profits. Also, my former law firm used to hire English grads as proofreaders (much needed & deeply appreciated!). Which is all to say: think broadly!

Don't narrow your opportunities by getting too focused on one title/position. Do ANYTHING related to writing. And don't be afraid of the writing opportunities related to new technology -- UX writing seems about to explode. Some of these may require you to get additional training/education (e.g., on-line certifications, courses you can add to your resume) - but if writing is your passion, you should be excited to learn the different ways you can apply it.

Desiree recommends the following next steps:

Research various types of writing careers - e.g., copywriter, speechwriter, scriptwriter, content developer, UX writer, grant writer, proofreader
Investigation if additional creditals will help your resume - UX writing certificate, screenwritting course, etc.

Thank you so much Jasmine S.

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Raghu’s Answer

Hi Jasmine,

I suggest you to looking into the option of getting into Technical Writing/Information Development. Since you are an English major half your work is done wrt. the challenges a writer faces with English. If you have the passion to learn new technologies and how things work you should explore technical writing.
A technical writer not just documents the software/hardware they also do alot of proof reading and review content for grammar - and you english major will help you become an Editor.
To understand more about technical writing you can search online and one of my favourite sites is - idratherbewriting.com.

Do research about the tools for technical documentation, SDLC and DDLC.

Hope this helps in you in some way.


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Michelle’s Answer

Hi Jasmine! Something you might consider is doing some freelance writing to gain experience. Sites like Upwork and Textbroker (or other freelance writing services--a quick Google search should bring more up) might be a good place to start. Often these jobs don't pay particularly well or give by-line credit, but taking this work can help you learn to churn out high-quality work quickly. If a client is happy with your work, you might get the opportunity to contract with them which would be great for the experience section of your resume. Good luck!

Thank you I appreciate the help Jasmine S.

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Phina’s Answer


I was a mass media/communication major in my undergrad and I worked as a student staff writer /proof reader at my school newspaper organization.
There were some English and Creative Writing majors who were my fellow staff writers and some of us who were seriously enough to continue the job in the professional field actually reached out to some local newspaper companies for an internship (and I believe some of them got the opportunity!)
I think reaching out to your local newspaper organizations would be a good start as some of the professionals might be your school alumni as well.
Hope this helps and best of luck to you!

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JB’s Answer

How about self-publishing something you are passionate about? Medium.com and other sites allow authors to create an publish freely. We published several career management and job search articles before publishing our first book this year.

Be sure to save a copy of your article somewhere on your computer...these websites don't last forever.

Good luck!

Jim and Brant

JB recommends the following next steps:

Brainstorm what you want to write about
Start writing
Share it with trusted friends for review and feedback
Revise and publish!

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Louise’s Answer

I agree with all the above suggestions and would add interning or volunteering to write for a nonprofit. Right after college while looking for jobs, I volunteered my writing for my county's recreation department and interned in the marketing department of a local theater.