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Career Questions tagged English Composition

Jasmine S.’s Avatar
Jasmine S. Dec 02, 2020 465 views

I am an English and Literature major ser to graduate with my Bachelors in English. I've tried LinkedIn and everything I can think of to gain experience to become a writer/editor. Any other suggestions?

Typing #literature #english #english-grammar #english-composition

Renata D.’s Avatar
Renata D. Oct 26, 2016 743 views

To learn linguistics, does it matter if I have an accent?

I want to study the English language and its science, but I know that the careers I am interested in will require me to possibly teach or aid people with difficulty speaking or those who want to improve their English, but I myself have an accent that I can't get rid of. #english #english-composition

Darelyanel M.’s Avatar
Darelyanel M. May 24, 2016 865 views

How to find internships after college?

Although I'm not in college just yet, I am curious as to how I would find internships post-college. Is there a website I would have to go to or maybe just by getting to know people? I really am unsure. #college #english #internship #english-composition

Evan C.’s Avatar
Evan C. May 24, 2016 789 views

What courses are needed for a career in literature?

I know this is kind of hard to answer, but I plan on going in the English/literature field for and after college, and I was wondering which classes would be most helpful in honing my writing skills. I heard that you don't actually need college for this career, but I felt like it wouldn't hurt...

lydia M.’s Avatar
lydia M. May 17, 2016 585 views

What kind of jobs are available to an English major after completing school?

I love literature; however, I am nervous that dedicating all my time in college to this subject may ultimately leave me without a job. #literature #english-composition #shakespeare

Eva C.’s Avatar
Eva C. May 17, 2016 592 views

How do writers begin their career?

I love to write, and am considering going into creative writing, but I don't know exactly how to start a career in that. Do you just write a story and hope it gets published? Or could you team up with a publishing company to start? #writer #english-composition

Valerie T.’s Avatar
Valerie T. May 17, 2016 1164 views

Should I focus on one genre if I want to become a writer?

I have tried at both fiction and poetry, and I have found out that I like writing fiction more than I like writing poetry. Should I focus on fiction or try and become better at poetry if I want to be a successful writer? #art #writing #creative #english-composition

Katherine K.’s Avatar
Katherine K. May 13, 2016 846 views

I want to be an English major, but I'm wondering if there are jobs other than writing related things that English majors are good for? I want to know about availability and diversity in careers for people with this kind of education.

I want to be an English major. #english-composition #academic-english #business-english