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A Little Advice For Beginner Business Starter

What are some ways to start a business as a beginner in the business industry?

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4 answers

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Thomas’s Answer

1. Find a business mentor or advisor.
2. Join an entrepreneur group or organization.
3. Research your industry and competition.
4. Invest in yourself through free online courses.
6. Utilize online resources and tools.
7. Stay positive and motivated!
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Shilpashree’s Answer

An entrepreneur holds more more accountability hence should be hard worker and smart to compete with other existing or new business competitors.
Few key points which you may need to keep in mind are below:

1. Budget analysis and fixing of the cost, keeping in mind that the price should not make customers feel high and also meets the market value to sustain the business.
2. Do not expect very high profit in the beginning as it may take while to get settle with the customers and visibility.
3. Do more advertisement of your business or product by explaining the extra benefits or features you are offering than the already existing products.
4. Try to retain the regular customer by providing discounts or goodies.
5.Never ignore the complaints of the customers and quickly resolve if they have any complaints with politeness.
6. Never forget the saying "Customer is the King".
7. Do more research online and offline before starting up the business.
8. Its better to work as assistant person of already existing business and get to know analyze how the business runs before you start one.
9. User very unique advertisement which may attract the customer attention.

Hope the above points may help you.
All the very best.
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Rebecca’s Answer

I am glad to hear that you would like to be entrepreneur. Below are a few suggestions :
1. Think about about the industries you would like to run the business on
2. Do the research and analyse the business model, e.g any entry barrier, how the market competition, any substitutes, etc.
3. Shortlist the industries
4. Take some relevant courses on the industries to acquire the knowledge and skill
5. Work in the industry for a while. It can help you to understand the business and establish the network in the industry. And, you can earn some funding to run the business.
6. Start the business online if possible to reduce the cost.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!
Thank you comment icon Thank you so much! Makaiyah
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Anthony’s Answer

Hi, Please note the following concerning Biginner Business Starter :-
1. Consider the type of business.
2. Consider your goal and objectives.
3. Your interest and knowledge in the business.
4. Capital/Finances.
5. Honesty, faithfulness and diligence in the business.

Best wishes in your vision.
Thank you comment icon Anthony, thank you! Makaiyah