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How can I get hands on experience and better knowledge within the field of Veterinary medicine?

Updated Fremont, California

I personally love the field of medicine and animals have always been a passion of mine. I am soon to be a senior in high school, 11th grade, and my applications are heading out to top schools in this area. I am looking for any ways to better my chances on being accepted through extra activities on my resume. #medicine #veterinary #career-details #job-application

2 answers

Courtney’s Answer


You won't be able to apply to vet school until you've gotten your Bachelor's degree (suggest majoring in Animal Science) so first you'll need to focus on that.

As far as your application to universities/colleges to get your Bachelor's degree, they're looking for any type of volunteer service. Since you have an interest in becoming a vet, I would suggesting keeping your volunteer work field related because it will benefit you when you apply for DVM school. I would suggest volunteering at your local animal shelter; animal hospital; a vet clinic; or even a zoo ASAP.

Most high school students start volunteering as freshmen so that they can have several volunteer hours to report on their college application. Since you'll be submitting your college applications starting in November, you need to work quickly to get some volunteer work under your belt. The easiest one to get in with will be at an animal shelter because they're desperate for volunteers.

After getting your Bachelor's degree, if you want to become a vet you will need to apply to a vet school for your DVM. When you apply to vet school, they will look closely at your volunteer/internships for field related volunteer work/internships (animal shelter, animal hospital, vet clinic, zoo).

The road to becoming a vet is 8-9 years of college so if you don't want to spend that much time & money, you might also consider becoming a Vet Tech. Most community/junior colleges offer a 2 year vet tech program. Just keep in mind that Vet Techs made $25,000-$35,000 while a Vet will make $80,000+.

Also, if you have interest in becoming a zookeeper, that would require a Bachelor's degree in an animal related field, which again I suggest majoring in Animal Science for that.

While you're getting your Bachelor's Degree I would highly suggest doing volunteer work and internships at BOTH a vet clinic, and a zoo. That way you can get a better idea of whether or not you really want to pursue a career as a Vet, or if you want to go another direction.

Also, check out this website on the steps to becoming a vet:


Courtney recommends the following next steps:

  • Contact a local animal shelter ASAP to get as much volunteer work before you start your college applications in November.

Natalie’s Answer

Updated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hello Genaro, I would suggest if you are not already volunteering, start doing so at local animal shelters or with local veterinarian hospitals. Don't just look at this as a way to increases your chances of being accepted, but as a chance to gain valuable experience and a growing professional network.