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What is your recommendation for potential professions for a teenager?

What is your recommendation for which field a high schooler should start with? What can they expect to leave with once they finish their term? How can they utilize their takeaways in their future opportunities?

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2 answers

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Dexter’s Answer

Hi Gordon,

I think picking a profession is something that is a difficult decision that takes lots of time. Unless you stumble upon an amazing experience or your natural talents and goals aligned perfectly, it's something that many people take years and multiple tries to figure out.

However, I do recommend that you work retail for a summer. This is something that can teach you a bunch of valuable life lessons, such as:
* empathy for those stuck in these jobs
* what a dollar is really worth
* how to deal with difficult people

That last one isn't the greatest lesson between the three, but is one that will continually serve you as you progress in your career, and I believe it is best to learn it early on.

As for choosing your actual profession, my advice would be to try out many different types of jobs and classes to figure out what you enjoy doing most. Here are some example scenarios:
* What's that? You enjoy crunching numbers and organizing spreadsheets? Maybe you should try accounting.
* You like solving problems and figuring out "perfect" solutions but not in a physical way? Maybe try programming.
* Maybe you like being a leader and helping those that look up to you. Maybe you should go into management (or if you don't want to be responsible for them, a project manager).

But yeah, I don't think anyone can tell you what you should do as the answer is unique to you, your experiences, and what you want your future life to look like.

Anyways, I hope this was helpful! I wish you the best!

Thank you comment icon I appreciate this, thank you for the advice. Gordon
Thank you comment icon Anytime! Glad I could help! Dexter Arver
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Peter’s Answer

my response is simpler, it is a series of questions. are you just entering high school or half-way through high school? what interest you and what are you good at? do you have resources or time to experiment? do you have a set of goals of yourself? e.g. graduated with honor, excel in sport, has more diverse experience than most of your peers?
Thank you comment icon Hello and thank you for responding! I am currently halfway through high school and interested in engineering and extracurriculars. My school does offer resources for opportunities and I do try to make time to experiment throughout the week to figure out what fields may fit me. Currently, I have no set goals other than to pass high school and attend a 4-year college but I am open to suggestions. Gordon