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San Francisco, California
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I don't have a specific career in mind but I am open to suggestions. My hobbies and interests include cooking, engineering, socializing, volunteering, and extracurriculars. Currently seeking part-time positions to gather experience, build skills, and develop habits.


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Gordon May 15, 2023 267 views

How can someone balance their job, their education, and their family?

How should someone manage their work hours to allow enough time to keep up with their education but also have enough time remaining to spend with their family?

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Gordon May 15, 2023 344 views

What can someone do the night before to prepare for an interview?

What kinds of questions should a person practice answering to prepare for an interview and what mindset/mental headspace should someone be in the night before?

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Gordon Sep 27, 2022 618 views

What is your recommendation for potential professions for a teenager?

What is your recommendation for which field a high schooler should start with? What can they expect to leave with once they finish their term?