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What jobs can an architectural engineer degree get you?

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I'm a upcoming senior in high school, and I'm about to start college soon. My big concern now is my future and my career. Just wondering if this is a right field to go into. #engineer #civil-engineering #architect #architectural #construction-management

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Ben’s Answer


There's a wide range of careers that a degree in architectural engineering might lead to. The "A-E-C" industry (architecture, engineering, and construction) is full of specialty and sub-specialty fields, and a degree in architectural engineering could potentially be a good foundation for any number of them, whether you find yourself in the "A", "E", or "C" part of that equation. For example:
- I am an acoustics consultant. I advise architects on the design of rooms and buildings with regard to sound, sound isolation, and mechanical noise control. Many of my colleagues have architectural engineering degrees. My field is very small, but...
- Consultants in many other fields also often have this degree. For example, lighting consultants, code enforcement consultants, accessibility and ADA consultants, environmental consultants, food service consultants, wayfinding consultants, facade designers (windows and other aspects of the skin of a building), cost estimators, etc.
- Consulting isn't the only avenue either. Large architectural firms and many engineering firms sometimes have this kind of expertise in-house, depending on the sub-specialty.
- General contractors, construction managers, sub-constractors, and project management firms also often need staff with strong architectural engineering background, whether the focus is on cost estimation, construction integration, structures, mechanical electrical or plumbing, facade design, etc.

The degree can be an excellent foundation for a range of career options. And, it is sufficiently broad that it will give you exposure to a great many fields within the industry. I love my career and the field I work in, and most of the people I work with in other disciplines and specialties love their jobs as well. Best of luck.

Thank You!!! I needed that. Joshua H.