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Prosecution lawyers/ lawyers I have a couple of questions ?

When should an individual start planning for their career?
Why do you like what you do?
What are key things to put on your resume?
It would also be appreciated if you can leave your name, your job title, and what company you work for. Thank you.

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1 answer

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Victoria C.’s Answer

Good questions. You should start planning for a career as a Lawyer/Attorney no later than undergrad. After you graduate from undergrad, law school, and PASS the bar exam - here are some pointers for your resume:

* Organize your resume by relevant experience
* Customize your resume to highlight the skills that are most relevant to the job position.
* Be concise and brief (the reader may not have alot of time to read long details).
* Include a Cover Letter: focus on specific cases (or experience) and the RESULTS.

Your final question asked about why do I like what I do. I am a creative individual so I enjoy researching laws and finding creative ways to interpret the law in a way that helps my clients. I also enjoy litigation (i.e. investigating facts, examining witnesses, and appearing in court). My current role allows me to combine my two passions (creativity and litigation) to help companies maneuver through legal challenges.

Victoria C. recommends the following next steps:

(1) Find the job description for the type of lawyer you want to become; (2) strive to gain those skills while in law school through internships.
Thank you comment icon Thank you for sharing your perspective. Graciela