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What did you do to prepare for this career?

I would like to become a veterinarian and i would like to know what did you do to prepare for this career?

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1 answer

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Carina’s Answer

Lots of Places are different but for the most part most Veterinary Schools Require you to take
-Biology 1&2
-Chemistry 1&2
-Organic Chemistry 1 (sometimes 2) and the Lab
- Physics 1 with lab (sometimes 2)
- Biochemistry
- A form of an animals science class (sometimes)

Each Program is different but almost all require you to have a C or greater to apply. If I were you I would look up the programs you think you would like to go to and see what their requirements are for the application. Keep in mind things are constantly changing so it’s good to stay up to date on the requirements especially if they require the GRE or MCAT for admission