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If you received multiple misdemeanors in various states which all were determined dismissed, will the government hire you?

Updated Orlando, Florida

I have a friend who got misdemeanors and an injunction in two different states, everything turned out to be dismissed or basically denied because nothing actually happened. They do show up in the court systems though. My friend wants to get a job with the government and has the skill set for some positions in his field of study. Should he just forget about getting a job with the government and try to go the private route or should he make an attempt to get a job with the government since everything he did was thrown out because they were ridiculous charges? #government #recruiting #human-resources #career-details #job-application #personal-development

3 answers

Christine’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington
Many government agencies will hire people who have had misdemeanors, but it depends on what type they were and how long ago they happened. It depends on the agency. I'd recommend researching as much as possible what you can find out on the target agency's website to see if that clarifies their policies for your friend. I wouldn't assume that he definitely would not be hired. I have friends and colleagues who have made mistakes in the past but who still managed to obtain secret clearances and work for federal agencies. The circumstances play a big role in the agency's assessment. But whatever your friend does, absolutely do not lie throughout the application process. Mistakes can be forgiven, but lying will not.

crystal’s Answer

Updated Wheeling, West Virginia
First of all know that anything you want is worth going after even if you think the end result may not be what you hoped for. At least your friend will know he put in his best effort and tried to obtain what he wanted to do in life. Most employers will give you the chance to be open about your past and as long as you make it known before hand and all was determined to be at no fault of his, then employers are more opt to work with you, even the government. Always make sure you try though. You never want to have the what if I had, or coulda, shoulda wouldas. Good luck to him as well as you !

Maureen’s Answer

Updated Sunnyvale, California
If you aren't asked about the misdemeanors, you don't have to reveal them. You were not convicted and there was no felony involvement. The only time the question could be a problem for you is if the job involves a security clearance. If that is the case you may want to go to Free People Scan.com and see what shows up.