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What are some of the qualities, besides being a person who cares and wants to help others, do you need to have to get a job with the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps?

I think the question is self explanatory. #corporate-social-responsibility #human-resources #career-details

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2 answers

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Christie’s Answer

Hi Melissa,

I'm a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and am always excited to give advice to people looking into Peace Corps service. A good first step is to take a look at roles on Peace Corps website (https://www.peacecorps.gov/volunteer/what-volunteers-do/) and see what interests you. From there find a way to get some experience in that area. For example, I was an English teacher and my volunteer experience tutoring was very helpful on my application.

Another suggestion is to connect with the recruiter in your area. If you're a college student there may be one on campus. (https://www.peacecorps.gov/volunteer/connect-with-a-recruiter/) They can provide a lot of support for filling out the application, answering questions, even connecting you with returned volunteers in your area. They are such a great resource!

Hope this helps you get the ball rolling!


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Erin’s Answer

Hi Melissa

I interned with a nonprofit and found that what they were looking for was more than just passion and an ability to be the arms and legs of the organization, but rather forward-thinkers that will help the nonprofit grow, expand its service offerings, and impact more individuals. Most every organization jumps at the opportunity to acquire more leaders.

The highest performing employees at the nonprofit I worked at were the ones that thought outside of the box, and were always pushing to make more of an impact. My advice to you would be to not hesitate to present your own ideas (even in initial interview stages), and keep thinking of what more the organization can do. Celebrate victories of all sizes, but never settle for believing that you've done all that you can do.

It is my opinion that if you present your own ideas and your desire to go above and beyond the role of volunteer, the Peace Corps/AmeriCorps would be thrilled to have you. Let your caring nature and desire to help others drive you. I wish you the very best of luck in your courageous endeavours!


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