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What are the chances of winning a scholarship contest?

I've been applying for scholarship after scholarship. I'm fine with writing essays. I just don't want all of my effort to go unnoticed. It's a little stressful. #nailbiting #scholarships #financial-planning #college-prep

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Frank’s Answer

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Hi Elyza, I'll be honest, "It's frequently tough!" But, it's not impossible either! It's like a prize drawing, if you never enter, the results are certain! There's a variety of scholarships for undergrads out there, and it's likely you can qualify to apply for at least a handful of them easily! I'd recommend a balanced approach: Do a few, take a break, then do some more. Avoid stressing out by trying to submit and track too many, because it can become highly disappointing when responses aren't matching the effort you're putting into applying! And, if scholarships don't come through, and finances become a blocker, then it's time for "Plan B!" In that case, if you're just starting out, consider enrolling in a local community college to cover your General Ed requirements. Check that the community college has the ability to transfer your earned credits to four-year universities, so if you want to pursue a bachelor's degree, it's possible. There are a lot of advantages to starting out with community college: It's local, you can live at home, it's more affordable, and the class sizes are generally smaller, too. So, it's a great option for completing your General Ed requirements, then moving forward to a bigger school when the time comes!

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