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What are some tips on getting to know a professor more personally while staying professional?

I am college freshmen and I have been in school for 2 weeks now. In my freshmen introduction class and during orientation, the adults suggested that students get to know their professors and visit them during office hours. They mentioned that college is where you build your networks and the professors can help with that.
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Talk to your professors and treat them with respect, but remember that they are there to help you. These are individuals who have devoted their life to higher education and will appreciate you reaching out for help. It definitely shows initiative in learning. One of my professors told me that they were disappointed that people didn't come to office hours more often because they block out that time for students to ask questions and that people not showing up meant either their class was too easy or people didn't care enough to go. Going to office hours will definitely build a strong professional relationship between your professor and yourself! It shows that you enjoy their class and will set you up for TA positions, references, resume advice, etc. in the future.
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I suggest that you Google one or more of your professors to see what their research and interests are. These are great topics to connect with a professor. Also I would not worry very much about making professional connections quite yet. You can do that in your Upper Division years. (You only just started college.) But another great way to make connections is to join a student society in the Field of your interest, such as American Society of Civil Engineers. Good Luck, Pete Sturtevant, PE
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