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Alyssa Oct 23, 2016 936 views

Where in the United States are the top companies for aerospace engineer?

Google searches are very subjective by the companies all claiming to be the best. Any real employee can show me the truth. #engineering #electrical-engineering #aerospace-engineering

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Jayden Sep 01, 2017 517 views

What are the best scholarships to apply for?

Want to cut college cost.


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Shimaa Dec 13, 2016 1147 views

can any one tell me a website , a book or something else to help me to understand chromatography?

I am a B.student in a Faculty of science, I want to understand chromatography well. #chemistry #chemical-engineering #chemical-engineer #chemicals

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Celeste Sep 01, 2017 674 views

What are some tips on getting to know a professor more personally while staying professional?

I am college freshmen and I have been in school for 2 weeks now. In my freshmen introduction class and during orientation, the adults suggested that students get to know their professors and visit them during office hours. They mentioned that college is where you build your networks and the...

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Cristian May 23, 2016 2201 views

Does age affect your chances of getting hired or not and if so, what can i do about it?

Im a chemical engineering student in my senior year. My major requires a lot of units and time, therefore, when i graduate I'm going to be 23. It seems that companies want someone older because they may be more responsible. That is why i want to know if age does matter and what can i do about....