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what is the most direct route to become a business owner?

I was interested in owning my own clothing business after I graduate because growing up i always loved clothes but i wasn't the wealthiest fellow growing up and I just wanted to get in the scene. I know it requires a 4-6 year bachelor or master's degree and i know i have what it takes to make it. What's the most direct route to get there? #business #ceo #coo #entrepreneurship

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2 answers

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Martin’s Answer

Hey Maurice,

Awesome question! While I am not in the clothing, or fashion industry, the best thing I could recommend, (for starting any business), would be to start small and build your network.

Have you ever created and sold a piece of clothing?

Many people get their start in entrepreneurship selling T-Shirts, or other custom clothing items. You can utilize platforms like Etsy to create a marketplace for your goods and begin building a reputation online.

While you're testing your abilities to create and sell clothes, also start building your network in the clothing industry. Go to boutique shops in your area and start meeting people who are doing what you want to do. The more people you know in the business, the easier it will be to break in, either with your own company, or joining one that already exists.

Apprenticing and interning is a great way to start getting involved and learning the trade as well.

Education is amazing, but it is only half of the story. The other half is creation. Start creating and selling as soon as possible and build off of each mini-success.

Hope this was a helpful guide. Best of luck!


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Vandana’s Answer

Hi Maurice,

You might like to read about Akshay Ruparelia and the principles of Effectuation.

Good Luck. May you be a super successful business owner!