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Posted on May 16, 2016

After going to college I want to become a pediatrician to help children around the world that can't afford medicare or just a doctor to help them stay healthy and informed.

Context: It will take a college degree, a master's degree, a doctorate, and a P.H.D.
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Eddie V.’s Avatar
Eddie V. Oct 22, 2013 4664 views

What are some ways I can be better at speaking confidently?

Every time I get called on in class or I have to present to the whole class I get really nervous, ESPECIALLY if I have to stand up when I'm doing it!! I tried to speak at home in the mirror to practice because my teacher suggested it but it feels silly. Some of the other students are more proud...

#speech-language #personal-development #speaking #public-speaking #confidence

Joan C.’s Avatar
Joan C. Sep 26, 2014 2553 views

How do I get chances to practice public speaking?

I keep hearing that I am supposed to practice public speaking to improve myself. I always imagine that there will be lots of class discussion in college, so I want to be better at public speaking before I go to college. I do not have any real expertise so I don't see how I can find any way to...

#communication-skills #oral-communications #public-speaking

Emily M.’s Avatar
Emily M. Dec 10, 2015 3270 views

What are some entry-level jobs that could lead to becoming a project manager?

I am a high school senior with a special interest in business. I hope to one day become a project manager at a company, but as I am looking at colleges and majors, I am wondering what steps lie in between graduating college and reaching a project manager position. I was wondering what some...

#project-management #management #entry-level #career-path #logistics-management #business

Danny T.’s Avatar
Danny T. Mar 14, 2016 1780 views

What's the best way to familiarize myself with the financial market?

I want to be in finance because I am really good with numbers and love math, but I have trouble understanding the financial market. #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing...


Rakhi R.’s Avatar
Rakhi R. Apr 28, 2016 955 views

What is the best path to become a pilot?

i am 10 hobby study.i want to become a pilot .my favorite subject english....


gunashree M.’s Avatar
gunashree M. May 04, 2016 403 views

how can we reduce the traffic?

because some people have suffering from traffic they can not attained the class regularly and some officer may get late to enter the office so what can be be did?...


Ali G.’s Avatar
Ali G. May 08, 2016 1724 views

How did you choose what company to work for?

I am interested in a job in technology, but i'm not sure how to go about deciding what company to work for. How did you pick the company you are working at? What factors did you take into consideration?...


Ali G.’s Avatar
Ali G. May 08, 2016 737 views

What jobs in technology require the most creativity?

Everyone tells me that I am very creative, and I really want to get a job in technology. What careers do you suggest? #technology #human-resources...


Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. May 10, 2016 1871 views

If the career you're passionate about doesn't make a lot of money for this area, should you switch careers or consider doing something else?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at CareerVillage. One of my best friends used to want to be a certain career- until they read a list online that declared his area of choice as one of the "top 10 lowest paying jobs". He immediately changed his mind to marketing and...

#finance #career #human-resources #business

Ashley F.’s Avatar
Ashley F. May 11, 2016 727 views

Is acting an ideal career choice?

I have dreams of making it big, but everyone frowns upon the idea. They tell me I'll starve until I get a gig or I won't become famous. #acting #theatre #film-acting...


Malathi M.’s Avatar
Malathi M. May 11, 2016 412 views

How to became a maths professor ?

interested on calculation...


j S.’s Avatar
j S. May 13, 2016 367 views

i am week in maths i can improvee

i want to make intreset in subject maths...


Alejandra Q.’s Avatar
Alejandra Q. May 20, 2016 356 views

Can the particles of energy in food and water hold consciousness?

According to cell biology, you are what you eat. Does the vibration of energy in particles of food and water have an affect on the way my cells are composed? #doctor #nutrition #cell-biology #energy #atoms...


irfan S.’s Avatar
irfan S. May 21, 2016 730 views

Why should I study?

I am not interested....