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What kind of jobs are there working for a food magazine?

Updated Berkeley, California

I would like to work for a food magazine, but I don't know what kind of jobs there are. Ideally, I'd like to work as a food photographer (if there even is such a thing) or layout editor, but I'd like to know what other jobs there are. #photography #food #editor #magazine #food-styling #page-layout

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Tanya’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Emily, food magazines such as Saveur, employ or contract food photographers and writers. What I suggest is looking at a food magazine, and in the first few pages, they list the names and titles of people who work for it. That way you can get a feel for some of the positions available. You can also Google forums for food photographers, join for free, and get tips from food photographers

I am a firm believer in having a side or full business of your own. Do you currently take pictures of food? Do you like to write? If so, you can increase you marketability as a freelancer or future employee by being able to review and take pictures of the food you review. Check out food bloggers in your area and online, and get a feel for what they do. For example, in Atlanta, there is the Atlanta Food Bloggers' Society.