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Michelle Jubilee’s Answer

This is the short version, but I hope it helps:

Video games are comprised of great scripts/stories, fascinating characters, and a super team of talented animators and software programmers.

I think a good place to start would be to write a few scripts (maybe even web series format) so you can start practicing captivating story-telling...Once you have 4 or 5 scripts written out, I would highly recommend copyrighting your intellectual property - this is so that no one can steal your idea. You can register your stories at copyright website. Once it's registered, find a friend who does animation and see if they would be able to collaborate with you on creating a "pitch" or "Pilot" for the game...This is where you design the world of the game, design the characters, and in essence create a sample of what the video game would look like.
After this pilot is made, you can make start shopping it around to producers of video games. Your presentation is everything - have each character well-defined, have the world perfectly constructed, have the challenges and rewards satisfying to the player, and know who would play this game...know your audience!!! Who are the biggest consumers, what's the demographic that would be into your game, etc...

Another great thing you could do is Intern at a video game production house in your area. Do a google search and see what shows up. reach out to them and see if they need an extra hand, and of course mention your interest to learn the ropes of that industry.

Work SMART, go for Results, be kind to everyone you work with, and believe in yourself always.
Best of luck!

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Harold’s Answer

There are many routes into video games. It really depends upon what aspect of gaming you think you would enjoy the most.

I am a Producer, who was a Designer for much of my career. I got into the industry by being a very good system administrator. I found a game company that was looking for that position, worked hard to prove my worth, and when the company opened up a designer position, I applied for it by creating 3 game designs to show them what I could do. They respected me for my previous work and appreciated the effort I invested in the designs, so they gave me a chance.

Over my 16 years in the business, I have watched high quality people join our companies from all walks of life. I worked with a PhD in Microbiology who became a Product Manager because of his expertise in creating math models. I worked with a Realtor whose passion for audio led him to become a rockstar Audio Designer.

Basically, find what you love to do. There is a portion of the games industry that needs people to do that.

And then do it. If you love programming, make some demo games for your portfolio. If you are an artist, make art. If you are a designer, play everything there is with a critical eye to see how you could improve it.

Then get out there and apply for an internship. That or working in QA are the most common routes into the industry.

I wish you good fortune!