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Nishant95 Jul 02, 2013 1493 views

Career as a game developer

I have always wanted to be in the gaming industry,as mmos and video games have always fascinated me and every now and then i have some ideas about a game so I finally decided to leave game developing,but the problem is I am in commerce stream so what is the basic qualification I need and where...

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Alexis Mar 05, 2014 1658 views

What is a day like for someone who works for a video game company

I want to know what kind of work video game developers do and how is the work place like #video-games #video-game-production

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Marc Sep 28, 2013 3162 views

If I worked in a video game company, do I get to play lots of video games?

Hi I'm wondering if there's a real job where I can play video games all the time if I work at a video game company. I am in high school and will apply to college next year. I really really really love playing video games. On weekends I can play games all day long alone or with friends or my...

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Jaden Oct 28, 2014 1244 views



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Jeremy Apr 01, 2015 1967 views

What are the steps in becoming a real estate agent ?

I think real estate agent would be enjoyable and I like to look at houses. I think being a real estate agent would be a good experience. At one point my mom used to be a real estate agent. #sales #real-estate #real-estate-agent #market #residential-homes

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Jan Apr 02, 2015 1772 views

I do not know what career to choose. Serious help needed!

Okay,so I am in grade 10, I read a hell lot of books, I love fiction, fantasy and romance, I draw and paint really well, I can write pretty well too. Also, I am a straight A student. I was thinking about architecture or software engineering, but people said that software engineering is going to...

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Aidan Apr 09, 2015 1411 views

What is better for joining the marines?

I am a high school sophomore and am looking forward to joining the Marines but i was wondering if members of the marines or a military personal could tell me whether it is better to join the marines straight out of high school or wait until after college? #college #military #marine

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Manuel Apr 08, 2014 17603 views

How does the daily life of a video game designer look like?

I've always been interesting in game design , but I don't know much of what happens on a day-to-day basis.

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Logan Mar 05, 2014 2771 views

What are the different occupations within the gaming industry?

I have been playing games since I was at least six years old. I love games, and I hope I can have a future in it. Unfortunately, I do not know what role I want to play and it is getting on my nerves. #games #computer-gaming

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Teal May 12, 2014 2749 views

Should the idea of "do what you love" change in relevance to career searching change depending on your experience?

The notion of "do what you love" is a common idea behind a lot of answers, but I was wondering what should be the extent of this advice as relevant when you are first entering the job market verses when you are more experienced? #career-path #job-market #interests