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What is the income of a pastry arts chef?

I would like to know will I be financially stable #culinary-arts #baking #cooking-and-baking #chefs #pastry-chef

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3 answers

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Dada’s Answer

I can only refer you to a link meanwhile as the payscale varies from place to place.


The highest 10 percent earned over $78,570, while the lowest 10 percent earned below $25,020. chefs and head cooks earned a median annual income of $45,950, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, meaning half earned above this amount, while half earned below it as in 2017.

A degree or a diploma in Culinary Arts is always an added advantage.
Meanwhile its always wise to seek an opinion from your local reputed restaurants esp the business aspects & payscale to give you better perspective .

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Sabrina’s Answer

Hi Shakeith!

I would definitely look up the average wage in your area. Depending on the city, state and/or country, the pay rate will change.

Also, if you have a specialty like Chocolatier or have the skills to make amazing show piece style cakes, amazing at laminated doughs, etc your salary/hourly wage will definitely change as well.

The more skills you have the more you can ask for in pay. So when you have time, I would recommend getting stages at different restaurants to get experience and to widen your horizons in the field. The more you learn, the more marketable you become and the better your chance will be that you will be financially stable.

Hope that this information helps!

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Shakeith,

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, head chefs made an average annual salary of $44,780 in 2010. Bakers, on the other hand, made an average annual salary of around $25,350 in that same year.

Research suggests that pastry chefs can expect to make annual salaries between the average amounts of these two professions. More experienced chefs, obviously, will be able to make slightly more money, as will chefs located in more densely populated areas. The cost of living in your area will have a large impact on your salary level, as salaries tend to vary depending on your geographic region.

Finally, your level of education can also greatly impact your salary. With more education comes better skills and experience, which employers will pay dearly for. Having a degree also shows that you take the craft of baking and pastries seriously. With a certificate or degree under your belt, you will generally be able to command a higher salary than most.

In: http://www.theartcareerproject.com/pastry-che/997/

Good Luck!

This was actually very helpful. Quasin E.