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Do I need to go to College to start my own business

Updated Houston, Texas

I want to have my own bakery #bakery #buisness #food #cooking

3 answers

Bobbi’s Answer

Hello, Going to college is not necessary, but you can take business and law classes at your local community college to create an effective business plan.

pushpendra’s Answer

Updated Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
hello Sophia, You do not need to go to college to start your business. it all required your interest and the skills and expertise. But the education will help to broaden your business. you can also go to college after starting the business. or your aim is just to make money. then go for it. And give your 100%. all the successful businessmen are also college dropouts, which prove that college is not compulsory to be successful. All the best.

Chris’s Answer

Updated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Going to college is not necessary to start your business but it will definitely help you broaden your perspectives no what you want to achieve in your life (which may be or may not be owning your bakery after all).