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Sydney Aug 31, 2017 785 views

Is it more affordable to live in residence or not?

I'm trying to decide which option will be more financially beneficial.
#financialhelp #residence #college

Carl’s Avatar
Carl Aug 31, 2017 855 views

Whats the best way to keep maximum focus on school studies?

Just trying to improve myself/study habits. #study-habits #studying-tips #studying

Curtis ’s Avatar
Curtis Sep 01, 2017 829 views

how do you become a psychologist?

#Helpme #justtryingtomakeit #psych #psychology

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Sep 01, 2017 1019 views

What should I bring to my college dorm?

I know most people bring a mini fridge and a microwave to their dorm but what are some other things that most people find essential? #dorm #college #college-bound

Aliana’s Avatar
Aliana Sep 01, 2017 776 views

How can I be successful in college?

How can I still be active in school( go to sporting games, etc) and have good grades?
#success #college-advice #college

Tyra’s Avatar
Tyra May 18, 2016 747 views

Is it best to take time off in between undergrad and graduate school to pursue things like work or travel, or is it best to just take everything in one big breath?

I can see the positive and negative possibilities with both taking time off in between graduate and undergraduate schooling and I'd like an experienced opinion. #teacher #professor #student #advisor #career #career-counseling

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan May 27, 2016 944 views

What are some good teaching strategies for Secondary/High School students?

I am studying to be a math teacher, primarily for secondary school/High school, and want to know what some people have done to help teach difficult children and/or tips to make teaching easier. I am hoping to teach in China, but tips used in the States would be welcome as well. #teacher...

sophia’s Avatar
sophia Oct 25, 2017 1188 views

Do I need to go to College to start my own business

I want to have my own bakery #bakery #buisness #food #cooking

Marlene’s Avatar
Marlene Oct 25, 2017 2032 views

How to be a great teacher in the future?.

I em asking because I want to be someone in life and make a difference in my family #higher-education #teaching #teacher

Ashton’s Avatar
Ashton Oct 29, 2017 825 views

When applying for jobs out of town, is it negative to put your current address?

I am currently a graduating senior (Fall '17) at San Jose State looking for work in Los Angeles for post grad. Would it look bad if I put my current address on the job application and my resume? I heard employers don't take applications hundreds of miles away seriously. What should I do? #resume

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Sep 01, 2017 763 views

Which loans will be best to obtain for college?

I, as other students, struggle financially. When looking into college, cost is a large concern and I know I will have to take out loans. Considering I must go through college for extra time to gain a pH D in law, as I want, I will have a lot of debt. I am the first in my family to graduate high...