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What kind of classes or internships would be helpful to take if I want to do PR in the music industry?

It took me a few years to find out what I wanted to study in college while I was at a community college, taking a lot of different classes to see what interests me the most. I really liked mass communication classes and found out about public relations and think it would be a fun career path. Music is also a big part of my life and I'm a fan of music and think I pay attention to the industry. My dream job would be doing PR for a music label or artists/groups because I will get a bit of each.

Do you think it would be helpful to take some kind of music class (history of or business wise) to give me some of the skills and education I need to do well in this job.

For internships, would a PR firm internship be better to start so I get the exposure of how to do PR in the real world or just try to go straight into the music field?

Thanks for your time!

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2 answers

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Jenna’s Answer

It's always great to know about the history of a field you are interested in. Definitely take some music-related classes, and it's great to have a solid business background when you're in PR as well. Get all of the internships you can- it's a great way to learn and to make connections in the industry. I have a degree in public relations and decide it wasn't something I wanted to do for a living, but it was a springboard to get into a career where I am fulfilled. Follow other PR gurus online, read their blogs and if you have a chance to attend an event where there will be people in your field, go! PRSSA and PRSA are good resorces, as well. Good luck!

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Mei’s Answer

[‎2017/‎12/‎22 16:57] Xu6, Jing:
Music management majors in different schools have their specific curriculum settings, but the courses are generally divided into two main categories: music professional knowledge learning and business management knowledge learning. Some schools will also provide practical and practical courses to help students familiarise themselves with the work process earlier. Details can be used to inquire the official website of the major music colleges.