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What to take in engineering to become a pilot!??

Updated Proddatur, Andhra Pradesh, India

I want to become a pilot and i dont know which subject to take in engineering can u suggest me??#aeronautics #pilot #commercial-pilot #engineering

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Sean’s Answer

Hi Ganapathi! While a degree in Aeronautical Engineering is awesome, you don't need it to be a commercial pilot. If your intentions are to design aircraft, or be a test pilot, it is certainly a requirement. For a career commercial pilot (airline pilot, etc.) you will need a solid, practical understanding of physical science, math, and earth science. The professional pilot 4 year degree programs usually require physics, algebra, and trigonometry. If you are interested in pursuing a flying career in India, check and see if the airlines have a cadet program. A cadet program will include all the training necessary to go from 0 flight time to airline pilot. The best part is the airline pays for the course. You will be obligated to work for them for some time, but it's a great opportunity to gain experience. If you are interested in a 4 year professional pilot program in the U.S., there are many good ones at both large and small universities. Best of Luck!!