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How do I get into a university or college ?

How do I apply for college or university? What do I write. What's the process to becomeing a lawyer? What jobs can I get while in college or university? How do I get a college tour? How do I find info on how to make resumes? How do I apply for law academy after college or university, or do I even have to? Can I do law in school and a cooking class? Im in a career Center for Law enforcement, what job can I get right out of highschool with that? How can I get started now instead of later?

Thank you comment icon Easiest was to get into a University is to set up an appointment with a college counselor to have a discussion and a road map. Now what I found out long after the fact, was that if you want to get the most bang for your buck, you can go to two year Universities for your February Education, then finish all but the last semester at a reasonable 4 year University, and then as you're in school you'll find out what Ivy League or high end University the Corporations are picking from and get your last semester in with one of them so you can get a higher chance of being chosen. My Aunt did this with her sons. So on their resume they graduated from Columbia or whatever Universities are right in D.C. etc. Grant Short

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5 answers

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Derek’s Answer

Hi Vay, quite the list of questions:

- How do I apply for college or university? There are quite a few ways to apply to a college/university. You can always apply online (colleges typically have " OR" (Ex. or if you have colleges locally, you can always visit and schedule a tour or check with the admissions office for more specifics as every college may have different requirements.

- What do I write? This is going to depend on a couple of things:
- What field are you interested in?
- Type of school (Trade, Degree, Specialized)
- The college's (and specific school's) entry requirements
- General tips:
- They will typically give you a general prompt or set of questions. Choose an idea and expand on what it means to you and how it may have inspired you to pursue further.
- Write about what you feel drives you (what motivates or encourages you to do what you do)
- Extracurricular (Sports, Clubs, Events, activities where you demonstrated outgoing traits [Giving to the community, assisting the elderly, volunteering at local pet shelter]. Many colleges look beyond just your previous class load and grades.

What's the process to becomeing a lawyer?
- This can be a bit of a process, but typically most people start by taking LSAT OR taking some initial courses around paralegal, then pursuing law school before taking the BAR exam. I would look into LSAC (Law School Admission Council). They have a lot of information about the legal journey and some additional resources to help with any questions you may have regarding law school.

What jobs can I get while in college or university?
- There are quite a few jobs available for starting out. I personally worked at a Mini-Golf place during my early college years, but some ideas:
- Barrista
- Movie Theater
- Fast Food
- Student union (you may be able to work on campus if they have student run positions)

How do I get a college tour?
- Generally when you want to visit a college, you should contact their admissions department and they can assist in scheduling an onsite visit/tour.

How do I find info on how to make resumes?
- While Google is helpful, you can always look up resume building courses on say, linkedin learning, or even on some career sites such as

How do I apply for law academy after college or university, or do I even have to?
- Like a prior question above, if you are referring to something after Law School, you will be required to upkeep your BAR license, and you can always continue learning in various aspects of legal (civil, criminal, IP, patent, tax).

Can I do law in school and a cooking class?
- In case I misunderstand, you can take legal and cooking classes at many universities. If you are planning to do full load of legal classes, I would see what kind of workload you have before adding on a cooking class. If you plan to pursue two degrees at the same time, say Law school and Culinary school, you'd likely need to do half time for each as they are both demanding degrees.

Im in a career Center for Law enforcement, what job can I get right out of highschool with that?
- I would definitely meet up with some of the professors/teachers/supervisors for the classes you are in as they will be able to provide more specifics, but you may be able to join campus police as an entry level officer, but there are several types of jobs available in the field:
- Corrections officer
- Bailiff
- Dispatcher
- Loss prevention
- Border patrol

How can I get started now instead of later?
- Posting here was a great first step. Sounds like you have the drive to want to jump into a career, searching job postings on career sites such as Linkedin Jobs, Careerbuilder, to name a few is a good place to start.
- As far as school goes, I would jump onto a few local college sites and see which schools offer related programs that you are interested in and start some college applications. Junior colleges are a great place to start as the units are less costly and allow more flexibility to change (say to a different major) if need be.

Hope this helps. Good luck to you Vay!
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John’s Answer

Keep your grades as high as possible while in High School.
Consider tutors.
Take the SAT prep tests at a paid SAT prep school. Score high on the test!
Explore any grants or scholarships available. Try to avoid student loans.
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Katia’s Answer

When it comes to getting prepared to apply to college, it can definitely seem like a daunting task. However, if you start early and stay organized, it can be super exciting!

Regarding identifying colleges, here are some tips I would recommend when trying to figure out where to apply:

Academic Fit: Consider the academic programs and majors offered by each college. Ensure they align with your intended field of study or your academic interests. Review the faculty's qualifications and research opportunities within your chosen field. A good resource to review these is

Location and Environment: Think about your preferences regarding location. Do you want to study in a city or rural setting? Also, consider distance from home. I would recommend visiting campuses if possible to get a feel for the environment and campus culture.

Campus Culture: and Campus Size: Decide whether you prefer a small liberal arts college, a mid-sized university, or a large research institution.
Consider class sizes and student-to-faculty ratios, as they can impact the quality of education and personal attention you receive. Regarding culture, consider your personal values, such as the college's mission, values, and community involvement. Look into campus traditions, student clubs, and events to see if they align with your interests. Is Greek life important to you? Do you prefer a football team and a campus culture that values that? Or do you prefer a smaller school? These are some examples of questions to consider.

Cost and Financial Aid: Evaluate the cost of attendance, including tuition, fees, room, and board. Consider your family's financial situation.
Research available scholarships, grants, and financial aid options.

Extracurricular Activities: Look into clubs, organizations, sports, and extracurricular activities that interest you. Consider how you can get involved on campus. Consider if there are opportunities to pursue your hobbies or passions outside of academics.

Talk to Current Students and Alumni: Reach out to current students and alumni to gain insights into their experiences and perspectives on the college. You can easily find these individuals via LinkedIn!

Sometimes, your intuition plays a role in your decision. If you have a strong gut feeling about a particular college, it's worth exploring why you feel that way.

Regarding your question around doing law courses and a cooking class, absolutely! College is a time to try everything so I would encourage you to try anything you are interested in!

When it comes to resume, here are a few that cater to college students:

CollegeGrad ( CollegeGrad provides resources for college students and recent graduates, including resume templates, cover letter samples, and job search advice.

MyPerfectResume ( MyPerfectResume offers resume-building tools with templates designed for students and recent grads. They provide specific guidance on how to highlight your education and extracurricular activities.

Resume-Now ( Resume-Now offers resume templates suitable for students and recent graduates. They also provide tips on writing a resume when you have limited work experience.
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Adeel’s Answer

Hi Vay, step 1 is to get with your school's/institutions counselor. They have the resources you need to answer most of your questions regarding how to apply to colleges. Most universities have a very detailed admissions page on their website. Research the universities you are interested in. Some have zoom or other forums for prospective students that may be helpful. I'm not in the legal field so I don't think I can provide you much guidance. Based on what I know you'll want to have decent grades in college, and then an awesome LSAT score to be good candidate for law school. Depending on what type of law you're interested in, different undergraduate degrees may give you a leg up in that field. For example, if you are looking to get into intellectual property rights then a STEM based undergrad would give you a solid foundation.

Talk to your counselor, research the schools and learn about their specific requirements. Good luck.
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Murph,’s Answer

Wow. You have a lot packed into your question. ☺ No worries. I'll give it a shot ☺

How do I apply for college or university? First determine if you want to be at a big university or college, whether you want an associate's degree in two year or a bachelor's degree after 4 years (or both). If you put schools in your search engine/google, you will find their website with different areas like admissions, financial aid, campus life etc etc. There is also, on most sites where you can request information by putting in your personal info (email, address, etc).

What do I write. Generally they give you some parameters to write a personal statement or narrative. This is your opportunity to not only write why you want to attend the school, but to also provide some creative and interesting information about yourself, your journey and why you are a great fit for the school you are applying to.

What's the process to becoming a lawyer? Once you are admitted into your school, try to find clubs with students interested in law school and becoming lawyers. This way, you can be surrounded by others with your same interest. To get into law school you will have to take an exam, provide a personal statement and submit a copy of your transcripts. Some schools will allow you to apply Junior year of college. But the same way you found your college, you will find your law school. Law school is 3 years. At the end of the 3 years you take the bar exam for whatever state you plan on working in and then upon successfully completing the bar exam, you will officially become a lawyer. The bar exam covers everything you should have learned in law school in the 3 years.

What jobs can I get while in college or university? If you have work-study, you can work at any campus job. If you don't, there are always employment opportunities. The great thing about work study positions is, when you have completed your work, most employers will allow you to study. But also remember, you're not in school to work 40 hours a week and go to class full time. Or at least I wouldn't recommend this. Working will have you to manage your schedule and give you some spending money. But you won't get rich from campus jobs.

How do I get a college tour? You would contact the admissions department of the school you are interested in and they will help you schedule a tour.

How do I find info on how to make resumes? If you are in high school, check with your career counselor regarding information on building a resume. Most colleges have career counseling centers that will help you with majors, careers and creating your resume.

How do I apply for law academy after college or university, or do I even have to? If you mean law school, see my answer above.

Can I do law in school and a cooking class? I'm not sure what this means. If you are in law school, there will be very little time to do anything else.

Im in a career Center for Law enforcement, what job can I get right out of high school with that? If you are in the career center, they should be able to assist you with possible options if there are any. Some position may require at least some college but double check.

How can I get started now instead of later? Just start. Get online and start putting different things in the search engines and see what pops up.