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Danny Sep 20 205 views

Is coding enjoyable?

I know when it comes to learning it can be tough sometimes but what I want to know is at the end of the day, is coding an enjoyable experience for those that do it for a living?

Vay’s Avatar
Vay Sep 15 175 views

How do I get into a university or college ?

How do I apply for college or university? What do I write. What's the process to becomeing a lawyer? What jobs can I get while in college or university? How do I get a college tour? How do I find info on how to make resumes? How do I apply for law academy after college or university, or do I...

Jams’s Avatar
Jams Aug 31 178 views

How do you get a job when you have no experience?

What would be a great way to build career experience with no experience? Its been hard to get a job since I haven't had one before, and I need to start saving money for the future plans I have and college. I have a resume prepared already.

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Aug 30 266 views

What are college classes like?

How hard are classes in college ? Do people find them extremely hard or are they comparable to the college classes that you can take while still in high school ?

Adriene’s Avatar
Adriene Aug 24 125 views

What training is needed to be a middle school counselour?

What training is needed to be a middle school counselour?

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Aug 02 153 views

How can I work during the school year?

What can I do to continue working during the school year without a car?

maria’s Avatar
maria Jul 22 182 views

How do you know you made a good decison on what to study for college?

When do you know what you actually want to do after college? For example, let's say I have options but I can't really decide between which one I would like more for my future.

Keren’s Avatar
Keren Jul 20 252 views

How do you know what amount to set for your salary?

What are the interviewers actually asking? How do you know if something isn't enough as an entry-level position?

Vani’s Avatar
Vani Jul 20 145 views

How should one pay off student debt?

I have a lot of questions about college stuff. However, I have answered my own questions through out school. Although I have answered many of them myself, I really don't know how to pay off student loans. So my question is...
How should one get rid off student debt?

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel Jul 10 257 views

should I pursue an internship during my freshman year?

I am starting my freshman year of college, and I want to obtain a better job in the field of my major, Information Technology. I have a background in coding, as I started using Lua for game development in Roblox back in 2020. Recently, I have also begun learning Python to earn my certification....

Tabitha’s Avatar
Tabitha Jul 10 138 views

How do I get all this work done?

How are other ways I can work on college applications and still be able to get school work done. I don't want to completely lose focus in school and start making bad grades.

Stella’s Avatar
Stella Jul 10 123 views

How do you apply for financial aid in college?

Also, how do you decide on a major? Is a gap year a good decision, or can it negatively affect the first year of college?

Maya’s Avatar
Maya Jul 08 261 views

Was how much money a career made a factor in deciding what to do?

I have been trying to research different majors in college and different jobs. Its just that I want to be able to provide for my family and I'm scared that I'm gonna choose a job with low pay.

Aden’s Avatar
Aden Jul 03 178 views

How did you get into your field What classes did you take in high school leading up to your major in college? Was heading into your field difficult??

I'm 15 and heading into my sophomore year, I'm lost at where I should start to prepare for college. I'm curious as to which classes will assist me on my road to college. I'm Interested in going into a science field along the lines of Seismology or Astronomy, I'm also interested about getting...

Segun’s Avatar
Segun Jul 03 277 views

Can I get an internship on engineering without experience, and where can I find them?

Want to get an internship in engineering to see if it’s something worth doing.