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Besides sports management, what other majors can I take that will help me be a good sports agent ?

I was thinking about taking psychology classes and law classes to help me become a good sports agent. sports sports-management double-major choosing-a-major sports-agent

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1 answer

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Jim’s Answer

Hi Jordan,

You can read the first 24 pages of a book, "The Business of Sports Agents" here:

Also, you can read what the Houston Chronicle, the biggest newspaper in the Houston area published recently about sports agents:

Jordan, to be honest, I know two people who attempted to become sports agents, one of whom went to a graduate program in Sports Management at Ohio State University - and neither was able to become a sports agent. As I understand it, becoming an attorney is the best way to become a practicing sports agent - because there are so many contracts and negotiations involved in the job. A law degree could serve you well in many ways while you try to break into sports agency and you may find a good job as an attorney outside the sports field entirely. It's good to have a back-up plan when trying to break into a field with very few jobs and many people who want them.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. I wanted to know exactly how your two friends failed? because I would like to learn from their experiences. Lastly, I am trying to avoid as much schooling(getting a law degree) as possible in order to become a sports agent, so do you have any advice for me? Jordan P.

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