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Does the Air Force or Army provide more computer based careers?

Updated Montgomery, Alabama

Hello, I'm wondering which branch of service provides more computer-based jobs once you enter. As I am considering joining the military I want to know which branch provides the more computer-based careers. Please detail to me the quality of the computer careers available and the chances of advancement as well. #military #air-force #army #computers #computer-software

4 answers

Joe’s Answer

Updated Nashville, Tennessee
Deshawn, To detail the "computer based" careers in the military is too broad a category. There are so many opportunities in the military to be involved in computer based careers you need to reduce the search to what you are interested in. The military is not about the job you do as much as the opportunities a career can provide. Initially you need to take the ASVAB Test to find out which jobs you may be qualified for. You can take this test while in High School or by meeting with a local recruiter to take the test. The next step would be to take the physical, and if qualified then a job counselor would sit down with you and based on your mental, moral, and physical qualifications you would be able to discuss different career opportunities in different fields. I served 22 years in the Air Force, retired in 1998, and now am a Senior Principal Engineer/Product Technologist for Dell/EMC Inc. The opportunities I had while in the Air Force helped me to get to where I am today. Recommend you go to https://www.airforce.com/ and review the career resources there and engage a Recruiter to determine if there are career opportunities you may be qualified for, and interested in.

Thomas’s Answer

Updated Orlando, Florida

Personally, I cannot speak to the Air Force or Army (being a Marine myself), but there are many opportunities across the military branches. Also, there are many jobs across branches that do the same or similar actions. I did a search for MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) and the different branches of service and found many positions for each. As per the previous two comments, you should narrow your career choices.

Thomas recommends the following next steps:

  • Research the Net for the military career that is ideal for you
  • Take the ASVAB

John’s Answer


Hello Deshawn!

First let me applaud you on interest of entering our Profession off Arms and being part of our military. Do you realize only 1% of Americans serve our nation? It is a time honored tradition and privilege to be part of something larger than yourself.

Regardless of which branch you choose, all of them have their own cultures and traditions. They all do have a common mission; protect our country, its way of life, and our Constitution.

I've been a member of the Air National Guard for over twenty years and it has been the best part-time profession (not job!) I've ever had!!! I've traveled all over the world, granted free tuition, made everlasting relationships, and networks around the globe while serving my nation.

I can only speak for the Air Force; its new Cyber Security/ Cyber Systems Operations/ Cyber Surety specialists are trained on the most advanced computer and software systems.

Check out their job descriptions:



Deshawn, this is only scratching the surface of the job opportunities in the computer world in the Air Force. Contact a local recruiter for more options and don't be steered in one direction by going Active Duty. The Air Force Reserves and Air National Guard are available also if you wish to stay local.

Good luck with your choices. Aim high!



David’s Answer



There are many jobs in all branches of the armed forces which include frequent use of computers and technology. Try to brainstorm and articulate clearly what it is you want out of your military career before visiting the recruiter. You might really want a computer networking job but actually end up with something very different if you haven't figured it out before visiting the recruiter.