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Which branch of service is better for me, Air Force or Army based on my needs?

Hello, I'm an 18 yr old male who is considering joining the Air Force or Army in hopes of becoming more mature, disciplined, and in better physical shape as a man. While also building relationships, becoming a better leader and hoping to advance in my career. However, I prefer to be not deployed as much and wish to work in a computer or communications based job since as I am a more intellectual/ geek type guy. So I was wondering if anyone with military experience or knowledge would tell me which branch would be the best for me based on my personal goals and personality. #military #air-force #army

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4 answers

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Jacob’s Answer

Hi, Deshawn,

I am a former Army Infantry Officer and agree with a lot of the points made in your previous answers. I strongly echo the sentiment that it is very unrealistic to expect not to deploy, regardless of what branch you join. Honestly, if you don't want to deploy, I'd recommend choosing a different path than the military. Whether you are in the Army, Air Force, or Navy, deployments are at the core of what you do. If you aren't prepared to go overseas then I don't think the military is the right place for you. There are plenty of places to get experience in the two areas you mentioned and, if you want to serve, you might want to investigate the Coast Guard. I linked their careers page below.

I hope this helps - good luck in whatever path you ultimately choose to pursue. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have more questions about this topic.

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Jenna’s Answer

Your best bet would be to speak with an Air Force Recruiter and an Army Recruiter and to start developing a relationship. They can tell you more about the specific opportunities that are available in each branch and what might be a good fit for you. Your interests seem pretty general, so you could be equally successful in either branch. You should learn more about each one and see what interests you more and what the branch's needs are what the best match is between the two. Good luck!

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Sean’s Answer

The short answer is the USAF. With the new push for cyber security in an evolving world the USAF is also in charge of space command. If you consider yourself a geek then finding an IT or cyber job will be much easier. Your skills are also going to transfer over better out of many USAF jobs, if you end up infantry in the Army then you end up with a full ride to college after an enlistment, however minimal skills for the outside world.
As far as deployments that is not a guarantee, the chances are you may deploy, with any job. The USAF usually has shorter deployments than the Army. The next step would be to talk to a recruiter and ensure you are able to join, from there ensure you can enter into a specific career field, not a general enlistment where they can pick your job.
Hope this helps.

Sean provided some excellent guidance here. Both branches offer some incredible opportunities. The separate branches have many similarities and some very big differences. Either way, DO NOT accept a General Enlistment. Ensure you get information from recruiters of both branches as to what career fields you can select from. Then continue to do more research based off of what seems most interesting/rewarding to you. You may want to also consider opportunities in the Reserve or Guard component of either branch. Best of luck! Chris Lawler

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John’s Answer

You can work with computers anywhere. As for deployments, from what I have seen the Air Force has shorter deployments but the Army has more time between deployments. The idea of joining the military without deployments is honestly silly. Being prepared for deployments is the whole point of all the training they will be putting you through and honestly you will learn more on a deployment that most of your civilian counterparts ever could hope to.