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C-17A Evaluator Pilot at USAF
Greenwich Township, New Jersey
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aleya Oct 29, 2016 964 views

Does the Airforce have a field in cyber security?

I'm interested in cyber security and the Airforce. It would be great if I could do that in the Airforce. I haven't talked to a recruiter yet, so I don't know their fields. #military #air-force #cyber-security

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Aug 06, 2016 821 views

How do you gain experience when employers are only looking for workers with experience?

I had numerous experiences where my older brother, who is 20 years and old and going into his third year of college, would come home disappointed that the place he applied for previously did not accept him. Many of these places require outside experiences, but how is it possible to gain that...

vishnu’s Avatar
vishnu Jun 23, 2016 990 views

Which subject to choose to become a pilot?

pilot, aeronatics, aerospace #engineer #teaching #teacher #professor #scientist #college-minor #lecturer #commercial-pilot #student-pilot

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon May 14, 2016 903 views

How path should i take to work in the aviation profession?

I applied to a couple military academies, didn't get accepted. I got accepted at a few collges however financially my family cant afford it right now, so I'm enrolling into a community college majoring in mechanical engineering and will transfer to a four year college. Ive participated in...

Holly’s Avatar
Holly May 17, 2016 1096 views

How outgoing do you have to be to be a pilot?

I can talk easily with anyone, but overall I'm not a social person. Will I need to be a super outgoing person or just have good communication skills in order to be a pilot? #aviation #pilot #commercial-pilot #flight-instruction

Becca’s Avatar
Becca May 17, 2016 770 views

How do I become a pilot?

Is it better to go into the military or college? #pilot