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How path should i take to work in the aviation profession?

I applied to a couple military academies, didn't get accepted. I got accepted at a few collges however financially my family cant afford it right now, so I'm enrolling into a community college majoring in mechanical engineering and will transfer to a four year college. Ive participated in several aviation youth programs, camps, and have flown a Cessna. Have taken FAA exam and missed by 3pts. I would love to be a pilot or aviation engineer. Thanks #engineer #aviation #pilot #military-pilot #commercial-aviation

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2 answers

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Carla’s Answer

If the military is an option for you, consider Warrant Officer Candidate schools. Most of all of the Army pilots are warrant officers. You can get more information about the school and the requirements at this link.: https://www.goarmy.com/careers-and-jobs/current-and-prior-service/advance-your-career/warrant-officer.html

I wish you the best.

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Chris’s Answer

Brandon, have you looked into or considered ROTC programs at any colleges. ROTC programs offer scholarships and upon graduation earn you a commission as an officer in the respective service. These scholarships are typically less competitive than the military academies.

Thank you. I tried for an airforce and navy scholarships, but I was slightly under their GPA and SAT requirements. Ive been working approx 27 hours a week and my grades suffered a little. Brandon C.