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What is the best major for someone who wants to be an orthodontist?

I am a junior in high school and am looking into majors. I already know that I want to become an orthodontist, but I am not sure if I should choose a STEM major with a Humanities/Social Science minor or a Humanities/Social Science major and a STEM major?

Also, what are good combinations of STEM and Humanities/Social Science majors? I am currently interested in chemistry and communications.

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2 answers

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Nilla’s Answer

I would advise you to, if possible, just take courses in all the disciplines you're interested in during your first year in college. Then you can make a more informed decision regarding which major and minor you would like to pursue. Most students do not declare a minor until their junior or senior year in college anyway, and many change their major. Good luck!

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Frankie’s Answer

My son is a 3rd year dental student at USC. He majored in Chemistry at Alabama State University. He feels that he would have been better served if he majored in Biology. His first year dealt with a lot of drawing and sketching. He didn't get that in chemistry. Biology was a better fit because of their labs and more sketching/drawing is required. He definitely felt like those students transitioned faster. Also, dentist deal with a lot of depth perception. So invest in dental school admission courses that help you get a good understanding of depth perception in advance. That is one of the hardest sections to pass for entrance admission exams. I hope this helps.