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Rae M. Jan 10, 2018 325 views

What is the best major for someone who wants to be an orthodontist?

I am a junior in high school and am looking into majors. I already know that I want to become an orthodontist, but I am not sure if I should choose a STEM major with a Humanities/Social Science minor or a Humanities/Social Science major and a STEM major? Also, what are good combinations of...

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graduate school

How can I sing up to take TOEFL exam for graduate school? #exam #toefl-exam #language #graduate-school...


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McKinley M. Apr 06, 2018 298 views

College Recommendations?

What are some of the best colleges to go to if I want to become an #archaeologist? #archaeology #college #college-applications...


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Miryan M. Aug 12, 2018 208 views

How can I best keep up with my classwork?

I procrastinate a lot and I want to know how to get better at that. #tips...


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Rachel P. Aug 15, 2018 211 views

What kind of jobs are available to someone with a degree in Chemistry?

I know there are many opportunities, but I want to be sure that they are specifically in my skill range and I want to know what's out there. #student #skills...


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Christina R. Apr 16, 2019 201 views

What kind of careers will best fit me?

My strengths are punctual, determination, and persevere. My hobbies are working out, reading, and volleyball. I love to help animals that are in need especially those who are...

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logan S. Apr 23, 2019 281 views
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Tyler D. Apr 23, 2019 202 views

Higher paying jobs for current college students?

So I'm 20 and a community college student. I've been working since I was 15, and have done it all. I've worked retail, restaurants, and manual labor. I also fix houses with my uncle as a 2nd job. But I'm getting tired. Tired of working strenuous jobs for $8.50/hour. I'm looking for a job that...

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