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If I were to become a Lawyer what classes would be my main focus in highschool over the regular classes you are obligated to take ?

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2 answers

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Jenna’s Answer

Your high school classes don't matter so much for your law degree. You have to get a four-year undergraduate degree before you can enter a US law school. You best bet is to take challenging classes in high school where you will learn academic and life skills that you can take into college. Your undergraduate adviser can probably recommend some classes when you are in college. It's important to sample a lot of different classes, as you will be exposed to a lot of different ideas when in law school. Above all, keep those grades up as high as you can, they are important for admission in both college and graduate school.
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Glenn’s Answer


I concur with Jenna. Take the classes that interest you in High School and that will prepare you well for college. Whatever courses you take, take advantage of every opportunity now and in college to learn to read with deep comprehension, think analytically, and express yourself clearly and concisely orally and in writing. Those are the bedrock skills that will help you get into a good law school and succeed there.

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