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Should I practice as a Neurologist before I go into Neurobio research?

I've talked to multiple professionals and some say its required and others say if you want to do both always start at research. So I'm confused. Because it would change the type of education I need. #research #neuroscience #science #biology

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2 answers

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Steve’s Answer

If you want to do both, you need to talk with professionals who actually do both. And if you can do separate internships in Neurology, and Neurobio research, that might be helpful too. For many science disciplines, that job experience helps in getting jobs later, and might help you decide if you really want to do both after graduation.

Steve recommends the following next steps:

Make sure you are talking with professionals who have 5 or more years doing both.
Get some internship experience so you know that you really want to do both.

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Alejandra’s Answer

I did neurobio research in a lab at my university, and I 100% DID NOT work as a neurologist before. I asked why I got hired with no experience after working there for a few years, and they said they saw I had a passion and wanted to learn and thought I would be a great fit personality-wise for the lab. Nerobio research is about being detail-oriented, organized, and a good communicator; no neurologist background is required! I suggest speaking directly to the people working in the lab and asking them what they're looking for when hiring. I also suggest checking your college job posting as often labs are looking to hire students that can be paid through college stipend, making you a more attractive candidate and more likely to be hired with minimal background experience.