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What keeps you motivated to study ?

I have tried many techniques such as taking good notes and make it look pretty. But sometimes I just lose my motivation. So any tips to help you stay motivated?
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4 answers

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Armand’s Answer

Hi Fahmeda!

Interesting question. It could be answered from different perspectives, depending on wether you are referring to day to day tips/advice to keep energy and motivation up when studying or more long term on how to keep motivated while studying towards getting a degree and land a job.

On the first one, I would recommend that you try to answer the following question by asking yourself and your teachers: What am I going to get out of this? Having this clear in mind, will make you study for a reason and check towards the final end of why you are going through the study and what you are taking out of it.

On the second, something needed and key to keep you motivated to study is to have in mind that going through high school and university is a way to land a job, and more important, a job in a field that fulfills you and provides the income needed. So, keep on thinking on what you'd like to do as a professional, and try to see what the things you are studying, the way you interact with classmates and teachers will contribute to that goal.

Hope this is helpful. As a next steps I would recommend to ask yourself the questions above.

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Rama’s Answer

Hi Fahmeda, Hope it is not too late to answer. You have a great question that has a keyword that helps to start off with a few pointers. Motivation!! We should ask ourselves what am I curious about? What subjects I am studying is fascinating? What sparks my interest? What will I gain if I study? How is it helpful? Start from there, make a boring or monotonous subject more interesting by asking questions, writing them down and sharing with your classmates and teachers. Tell yourself study will help in gaining knowledge that will help me live well, earn my own living, help others and work for a dream company. Build positive ideas around it. Set time aside for study and cut all those that take so much time and energy.  Now in my professional life I often recollect some of the things I studied that are still relevant today and how they helped me to be a successful worker. Hope this helps answer your question a bit and motivates to study. Best! 

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Abby’s Answer

Hi Fahmeda! I’m sorry no one’s answered your question yet. We're working hard to get it answered by Professionals with the best insights, but in the meantime I've included a link to a relevant Q&A here on CareerVillage.org that should be super helpful for you to read through.

Maeve asked: How do you keep yourself motivated?, and one of the Pros who answered it said:

At least for me, I want to have a balance between getting my goals done and feeling rested and excited to work. If I have a lot of things to do and my body isn't up for it, then it's going to be a slog. If I'm well rested, but I don't really have any goals and I'm living it "day by day" then I'm not really getting anything done.

Creating goals for yourself is key - the way I would approach this would be to: just get a piece of paper or notebook (or use a spreadsheet or online project planning tool if you're feeling fancy and) write everything down that you need to get done - this includes work stuff, life stuff, personal things, etc...

Click the question to read more of what this Pro and others had to say!

Good luck! 


Community Management Intern at CareerVillage.org

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Dawn’s Answer

Here are a few ways that have worked for me:

- Break the task down into manageable chunks A big task, such as writing a dissertation, or revising for an extended period, can be demotivating because it seems so big. Breaking the task down into manageable chunks can therefore help make it seem less daunting.
- Keep your end goal in mind but also use interim goals on the way. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to remember why you are studying in the first place.
- Get into a study routine. It is generally easier to stay motivated if your studying becomes part of your everyday life and routine.
- Don’t let your studying take over your life. When you start a long course of study, whether a degree course or a period of study for professional exams, it can feel like it is all-important. This is especially true when exams loom. However, it is important not to allow your studying to take over your life.

I hope that you find value in these.