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How important is going to graduate school?

Updated Naples, Florida

Many successful people seem to have made it in life outside of the school and degree system. Is the investment in time and money with it?

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3 answers

Kortnee’s Answer

Updated Pomona, California

It depends upon your career goals/interests. As a higher education professional, I recommend you speak with your Academic Advisor regarding graduate school opportunities. Research on the internet salaries for those with a graduate degree in your field of interest. I pursued my graduate degree at the age of 23, and I earned my Master of Education at the age of 25. You'll know the best time to go back to graduate school! Best of luck with your educational and professional endeavors!

Erina’s Answer


Hi Daniella, First and foremost work experience is fundamental to getting clear about how you want to carve out your life and career. I wouldn’t recommend jumping directly from college to grad school unless you are able to at least work on the side and add tangible market-based skills to your resume. Graduate School is important for careers in industries such as education, international development, economic development, and public administration. If you are primarily focused on private sector or corporate career-building, you should think very carefully about what graduate degree program would produce a return for the investment. There are also a growing number of great MOOCs or other short professional Certificate trainings that can help you grow your skills before committing to a graduate degree. Sign up with Udemy or Coursera to view the abundance of course options based on your interests.

Benjamin’s Answer


It all depends on you're goals. If you want to work in education or science, you'll most likely need at least a masters degree. If you want to be senior management at a large corporation, you'll probably benefit from an MBA. Where I work, most people have graduate degrees, but I work in data science.

The majority of people I know are doing just fine with just an associates or bachelors degree or specialized training (I know a welder who owns a boat worth more than my house).

Generally graduate school is highly specialized professional training. If you have no interest in pursuing that line of work, then the degree will be of no use to you. The great news is though, graduate school is not a decision you need to make right away. Many people go back for graduate education in their 30's and 40's (even 50's and 60's).