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Is IB worth taking?

There's both International Baccalaureate (IB) and AP at my school, I was wondering which one would be the best for colleges and which ones would be the best to take.


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2 answers

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Sia’s Answer

Hi Derek, either is fine. I took IB in high school (we didn't have AP) and it definitely prepared me for college. I really liked that it prepared me to think critically and there was a lot of depth to the curriculum. Unless things have changed, you don't have to get the diploma to take the classes. I do believe, however, that you have to start taking it in 11th grade; otherwise, you won't be able to take the 12th grade class. I recommend talking to your IB coordinator for more details.

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Jennifer’s Answer


Yes! The IB is worth taking, but it's not for everyone. AP is fantastic, but it offers something very different from the IB.

What is it that you're looking for in your experience?
How hard are you willing to work?
Are you a self-motivated learner?
What are your goals related to these programs?

I'd encourage you to ask yourself these questions and answer them very honestly. The IB diploma programme is a two-year commitment. AP coursework is a yearlong commitment.

The best program is the one that addresses your goals and fits with your expectations. Universities would rather see a rigorous course load with strong grades rather than one with mediocrity and/or switching around.

As an educational consultant, I'm asked this question often. Only YOU, I'm afraid, can answer it "correctly" for you. I am willing to continue the discussion and answer more logistical questions, if you'd like however.

Ask away!

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