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How do you take a GAP year?

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2 answers

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Sascha’s Answer

Hi Haddy,

nice to e-meet you. My name is Sascha and I had several gab years. One time between school and university, but also after university. I personally went abroad to study Spanish in Colombia and I went to Australia to work and travel.

First of all, I totally support your idea. A gab year gives you the chance to explore, find yourself, get to know new people, learn different perspectives and so on - It is a life changer!

1) Time to brainstorm a bit. What is it you would like to do during your gab year?

  • You could do work and travel in countries like Australia or New Zealand
  • You could go abroad and learn a new language
  • You could be social and help (animal care, kids in developing countries, retirement homes, projects)

2) Depending on what you would like to do it is time to plan!

So exciting! You made a decision and now you can work towards your goal. Just ask yourself, if you want to do it alone or if you need help or want somebody with you. Inform yourself about what is required. Talk also to people who have done it already or professional agencies, mentors in your school, parents and so on.

3) Time for action!

I wish you all the best!

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Michael’s Answer

You just take a year off between high school and college.

I'd recommend having a plan for how you're going to spend your time, such as working to save money for college, learning/exploring different colleges/majors, accomplishing personal life goals, and/or relaxing.

Also, inform your guidance counselors of your plan and get their help. You may not be on their radar when you graduate, so its good for the to know you intend to take a gap year so that they can help you apply in the subsequent year.

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