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Should I choose a school based upon preference or financial needs?

I am a senior that is going into computer science. I really love this one college but I also know my finances should be taken into consideration. I am told I will get the same degree regardless but at the same time I know this is the school I really want to go to. What should I do?

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Hi Kim,

I don't encourage anyone to get into debt to go to college. I recommend ranking the programs and then also ranking by affordability. Find the balance, keeping in mind that a solid Computer Science undergraduate degree can be obtained from many institutions. If finances are a concern, consider obtaining an AA degree first and transferring into a 4 year institution. There are so many pathways you can take that would accomplish your goals without breaking the bank.

Definitely apply to scholarships like it is your full time job! I know one young lady who took a year off between high school and college and did just that. She was able to raise enough money to pay for 4 years of education via scholarships and essay contests.

Best of luck!


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I'd say look in to the reviews that college has for your degree there are several school that are know for certain fields of study that could help in expanding your "dream" school. Thinking of finances I'd say look into scholarships for your desired major and start applying, apply to as many scholarships as possible. to help take stress off of worrying about money. There are a lot of ways to pay and finance college you just have to be creative.

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