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What are good ways to save/make money?

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I know we all have a hard time with money and school and bills. Does anyone have some good advice on how to save and then continue to save. I have had a savings account for a good year now and it just seems like I am not making enough money to even put money in my savings account.
and how do you deal with not being able to do something because of your financial status? How can we socialize and be happy when all these bills and school work keep falling down on us.
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3 answers

Mukhlis’s Answer

Online free lancing for skills that you have is a good way to earn some money. You can sit at home in your free time and work for people for some money.
There is a lot of advice out there on saving and budgeting. At a young age its not that fun but if you can adopt a few principles of these you can really set yourself up for success in the future. My recommendation would be to pay yourself first. This means if you want to put $100 away for savings each month put that in there instead of paying your bills first and putting whats left in savings. If you need to cut things figure out where that can be. High grocery bills? Is it time to cut the cord (just did it. Best thing I have done)? Do you have a Starbucks problem? Is it time to pick up a side hustle? We watch dogs through Rover.com and have been very happy with the extra income. It's not always fun to be on a budget or saving but it's worth it. James McDuff

Kortnee’s Answer


I agree with James regarding cutting out unnecessary costly habits and substituting what you would spend at Starbucks by instead depositing the money into a saving's account. Another way you can make money is performing "odd jobs" (by today's standards) such as online blogging, tutoring, digital marketing, etc). Though, I would recommend you visit the Career Center at your campus to search for available part-time jobs. One last suggestion I have for you is to search for scholarships as a way to earn free cash. Please consider visitng the following links to check out free scholarships:




Remember not give out your credit card information on give cash to scholarship organizations and/or individuals. Best of luck with saving money and earning free cash!


-Kortnee B.

Serge V.’s Answer


Hi Austin,

The best way to save money is to have a budget. If you have a budget, you can save money and enjoy your money you worked hard for. Write down every bill you have and pay those off first. Have a goal to see how much you want to put away for the bank every month. if you have some extra money, feel free to go out and enjoy yourself bc we all need our "me time."