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Yorkville, Illinois
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I want to be a professional photographer for a magazine, tour, company, or artist in Chicago, while also traveling for work.

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Austin Jan 17, 2018 888 views

What are good ways to save/make money?

I know we all have a hard time with money and school and bills. Does anyone have some good advice on how to save and then continue to save. I have had a savings account for a good year now and it just seems like I am not making enough money to even put money in my savings account. and how do...

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Austin Jan 17, 2018 691 views

Why isn't there a fast track program for all majors?

I am a photography major and I went to Loyola University for my first two years and decided to move home to finish an Associates degree. I moved home mainly because of my money situation. I hoped that by finishing my associates I would be able to find a job that I would like to turn into a...