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How does applying to college as a high school senior compare to applying to graduate school as an undergraduate?

Hi! I ask this question because as a highschool senior, I wonder how independent the graduate school application process truly is. I understand graduate students usually receive far less scholarships than highschool students, but are there ways around that? Also, did the application process feel about as long or longer than highschool-to-college applications?

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Nancy’s Answer


Applying to graduate school is similar to applying to undergraduate college. In some ways it is more challenging in that you have to show success in college level work. You may have to submit standardized test scores, like the GRE. While there is less federal financial aid, there are more opportunities for receiving aid in the form of graduate assistanships. These are jobs in research labs , teaching undergraduates, residence halls or other college departments that graduate students apply for. The pay can vary from free room and board to a monthly stipend plus reduced tuition rates or even full tuition. Some of them you must apply for after a year on campus. Some you can apply for along with your acceptance application. I had a graduate resident advisor assistantship one year which helped me afford to finish my master’s degree. I got a paid apartment, free dining, and in-state tuition rates. Don’t think graduate study is not a possibility yet. Do your best as an undergraduate to improve your odds of finding help paying for graduate school.