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Is there a way I can combine both my interests of environmental science and business?

Recently, I've developed an interest in environmental science and bettering the environment. However, finance and economics also really fascinates me and I don't really know if it's possible to do both. Could I double major and hope for the best?

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3 answers

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Greg’s Answer

A double major is an option. Another option is to get your Finance/Business Management degree and then apply to companies within the environmental science industry.

Maybe you end up being a financial analyst at a company that evaluates new green forms of energy. Examples would be wind turbine manufacturers, solar panel installation companies, etc...

The skills that you learn in finance are very applicable to many situations. Finance should teach you how to make comparisons between different options. Should the company pursue higher quality solar panels that appeal to a more expensive market, or focus on solar panels that have a lower price point and that many customers can afford, for example.

Myself I have chosen to pursue my environmental passions through volunteering outside of work. In this way I'm able to lend my financial skills to organizations that are advocating for environmental justice.

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qiuhua’s Answer

Hi Kathryn - Environmental economic might be an option. As its name would suggest, it covers both environmental and economics part. It uses economic methods you learned to solve environmental problems, such as forest fire, water, air pollution, solid waste, economic effect of national/local environmental policies, etc.

Many universities/colleges have this major. Hope this would help.

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Josef’s Answer

Hi Kathryn - that’s a very good question, but basically it boils down to which of these subject areas you are most interested in learning about in an academic setting.

Overall though, studying one or the other (or both), won’t stop you from pursuing a career which can be both personally rewarding as well as positive in its impact to the world.

Nowadays, the ‘green sector’ is one of the fastest growing business segments in the world, which means that there are literally thousands of businesses and companies out there which are both enormously profitable but also doing great things for the environment.

Although a lot of ‘green’ businesses are on the smaller side, some are absolutely enormous and operate globally.

My advice at this stage would be not to overthink it, and to pursue what interests you the most at college, and try to gain as much practical experience as possible in all types of companies and workplaces.

Adding to Josef's answer and something to keep in mind... if you did decide to go the finance/economics route, these "green sector" companies will need business professionals to do the books and run the finances, while the scientists and technicians are bettering the environment. You would be able to support a company in an industry you have a passion for. Joel Sung